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Helping organisations change the way they think and work.

Operational Excellence
Operational excellence provides a competitive advantage. We bring proven diagnostics, methodologies and techniques to improve your business processes and organisational capabilities. We bring EFQM, Lean Thinking, Lean Sigma expertise to help create a more long term, dynamic and more aligned operational model for the future.
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Systems Thinking
Challenging current management thinking can help business work better – a platform focused on achieving significant, measurable change.
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Strategy & Organisational Development
Support for creating a strategy which comes to life … and if you want help with established frameworks like the Balanced Scorecard.
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Collaborative Working
Whether it is working across the business, through the supply chain, joint ventures or alliances/partnership with other organisations, collaborative business relationships are essential for most businesses. We use a number of approaches including the international standard ISO 44001 which provides a structured framework for organisations to work together to achieve identified outcomes.
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Services to the Unmanned Aviation Industry
We are now an approved supplier to the drone industry, promoting our services on the Drone Major portal. Our approach is a truly holistic one – combining both hard and soft systems principles.
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Transformational Change & Leadership
Establish the necessary change architecture and leadership to meet future challenges.
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Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
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Who we are?

TEAL is a UK based consultancy. Our mission is to help businesses effect meaningful change in order to succeed and prosper.

Helping our clients to think and work differently is at the heart of our approach. We combine our expertise with our clients’ knowledge to develop the best solution to develop new ways of working …. with an emphasis on skills and knowledge transfer.

We take a truly holistic approach combining both hard and soft systems principles. Together we help you design highly effective services and support your people through the necessary change process.

And in this way, provide a return on investment.

The Art of Thinking
“Many businesses don’t allow nearly enough time for the business to actually think.

If we can improve thinking then we can add enormous value.”

Eirian Lewis, Director
Some of Our Clients