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So using a structured model, we work with clients to design a ‘Learning and Action Lab’ (LAB) approach. This guides teams to act their way into new ways of working and thinking, rather than thinking or analysing their way into new ways of acting. We commit to tailor this proven concept to meet client requirements for outcomes and a delivery method that fits your organisation and its culture. The LAB a high-productivity, time limited action learning situation, established outside the normal working environment.

The approach is highly action orientated, focusing on identifying and testing out new ways of working and services. Which can provide dramatic, practical results rapidly. It is especially well suited to reorganisations, business process improvements, and developing high performing teams and partnerships.

Benefits include:

  • An approach that is fundamentally innovative.
  • Direct application of learning to ‘live’ problems and issues by local teams.
  • Sustained performance and improved by defining and deploying ways to meet future challenges including new roles.
  • Shifts in management thinking and transfer of knowledge to develop internal capacity.
  • A foundation to build confidence to take proactive roles in design and implementation of the changes.

So, what might work for you?

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