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How to Leverage Collaboration for Better Outcomes

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How to Leverage Collaboration for Better Outcomes

Go Well Beyond the ‘Organisation Chart’

Before we think about the functional breakdown of the organisation we have to take time to think about its DNA, the ambition and environment within which it operates. We cannot achieve capability – product/service leadership, agility, customer intimacy or operational excellence – in the 21st Century simply by establishing the traditional functional organisation chart. And the qualities and traits of individuals and teams within the workforce ultimately determine how well we are matching capability to outcome and the degree of harmony, diversity and interoperability we will achieve across the system. The fundamental principles of collaboration provides a basis for business to build and manage collaborative business relationships with a focus on business results.


We know that the behaviours that leaders display mould the organisation’s collaborative culture and the competencies and capabilities that you need for the future.

But uniquely within this, leaders will need to be impartial in their views about how problems get solved. They will also need to have lived and learned business issues at an organisational level and appreciate what creating a collaborative culture will mean to the people who are implicated. As well as being comfortable with all the implications of how people actually work within the business, they will need to be highly curious and forever exploring the nature of events and the environment. Continually questioning and challenging old models.

And then there’s leverage – in the 21st Century no leader can stay in front without leveraging the best of the best.

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