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Developing Collaborative Business Relationships

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Developing Collaborative Business Relationships

ISO 44001 – Developing Collaborative Business Relationships

Whether it is internal business relationships, business with business or working with the supply chain, organisations recognise the need for better business performance. Working with other organisations on a collaborative basis, organisations can gain competitive advantage through better use of resources, cost, resource and risk management, as well as encouraging innovation.

The process of understanding ISO 44001 is critical to ensure that the correct processes are embedded into “business as usual” and that the potential benefits of collaborative working are being realised.
Providing those responsible with the necessary knowledge and skills is crucial to delivering the benefits that collaborative working offers. Collaborative relationships in the context of ISO 44001 can be multidimensional, which can be individual one-to-one relationships but more frequently might involve multiple parties, including external alliance partners, suppliers, various internal divisions and often customers, working together.

ISO 44001 Guide

We have published a complete guide to the ISO 44001 (and a shorter version) – you can find out more here

ISO 44001 Introductory Workshop

Our one-day in house introductory workshop is designed to help you get the best out of collaborative working.
By learning about ISO 44001, based on an eight-stage model, your business can gain a sound understanding of the benefits of managing effective collaborative relationships and how to really benefit from partnership working. It provides the foundation to link collaborative approaches with the overall business operation whilst also focusing on the organisation’s capability to collaborate. The programme includes:

Understand the scope and principles of ISO 44001.
Apply the eight stage framework to your organisation.
Understand the benefits of applying and achieving ISO 44001 standards.
Help identify gaps in your current partnership processes.
Share knowledge and build awareness of ISO 44001.

You can download an overview of this programme here.

Help Your Business Succeed

This in-house workshop is designed for managers, senior professionals, and those who work in an environment where collaborative working will improve performance and bring mutual benefit.

We offer a range of options designed to support the creation of collaborative capabilities and culture for your business. More here.

Collaboration for Integrated Care

At TEAL Consulting, we are at the forefront of applying the standard to collaborative work between health and social care organisations. Recently we have been working with Oldham CCG and MBC to improve collaboration to deliver integrated care. We have put together a a brief overview that describes how the standard could contribute to improving collaboration between organisations to deliver integrated care. Download this overview here.

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