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The EFQM Excellence Model is a management framework used by organisations across the UK, Europe and elsewhere regardless of size or sector. The underlying principles of the Model are based on the fundamental concepts of excellence which can be used as the basis to describe the attributes of an excellent organisational culture. The Model takes a holistic view to enable your organisation to:

Assess where you are and help understand your organisation’s key strengths and potential gaps in performance across nine criteria.
Integrate your existing and planned initiatives, removing duplication and identifying gaps.
Use a dynamic assessment framework and powerful management tool (RADAR) that provides a structured approach to questioning the performance of your organisation.

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Increasing pressures are driving organisations, both private and public sector, to look for ways to deliver continuous improvement. The Model is a leading example of frameworks that seek to do this by:

Encouraging whole-organisation thinking and management.
Focusing strongly on measuring and managing performance results.
Highlighting the importance of effective customer management, employee involvement and organisation development in achieving success.
Highlighting the links between strategy, processes and outcomes.

We offer expert support ranging from awareness briefings, training on self-assessment and facilitation support. In addition we provide practical support for Gaining Recognition (Committed to Excellence (C2E) and Recognised for Excellence (R4E)).

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