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About Lean Sigma

There is no mystique about the principles of Lean or Six Sigma. They are based on understanding and meeting customer needs, being responsive to change and continually reducing waste or non-value adding activities. It is about waste reduction (Lean) and variation reduction (Six Sigma) tools and techniques. The skill lies in understanding how these methods, originally conceived in the manufacturing sector, can be applied successfully to service-based organisations. Lean Sigma has a proven positive impact on the bottom line and provides a significant return on investment.

Its not just about techniques. The cultural dimension is as critical which means multi-skilled team working, effective supplier relationships and a flexible approach to service design and delivery enabling continuous improvement. This can be achieved through a blend of consultancy support and action-orientated learning which combines our expertise with your organisational insight.

We will help your improvement teams adopt a structured approach to problem solving and process improvement. Our Lean Sigma Consultants have worked across product and service based industries in the private and public sector. Using a combination of Lean and Six Sigma, we have helped our clients to achieve:


Reduced assessment process time leading to savings of c £750k.
Improved recruitment process with savings.
Repair savings of £1m pa and customer satisfaction maintained at 99.4%.
The Return on Investment for our clients ranges from 3:1 up to 15:1 in some cases.

We offer:

Diagnostic Assessment that provide a comprehensive understanding of the service, its performance and priorities for improvement.
Support for Lean implementation and transformation which is aligned with overall business strategies.

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