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Lean Thinking

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Lean Thinking
The Lean approach has been widely adopted across every manufacturing industry from automobiles to electronics. This improved way of working has helped reduce cycle time and costs while increasing quality, in many cases by moving decision-making to employees. Companies that have adopted these ‘value stream’ principles have found new ways to provide what their customers want with fewer resources and consequently have developed a clear competitive advantage.

These same Lean principles have since been increasingly applied to the service sector. This includes a wide range of public sector organisations where the improvements demanded both by the public and by government mean that the opportunities for service and efficiency gains that Lean offers can no longer be ignored.

In simple terms, Lean is a systematic method to improve an organisation’s capability to meet customer demands and eliminate all types of waste through service re-design and employee-driven continuous improvement actions. It identifies ways to deliver improved customer service at lower cost; in other words “achieving more with less”.

Over many years our understanding of what works – and what doesn’t – has grown. We offer:

Lean Diagnostic that provide a comprehensive understanding of the service, its performance and priorities for improvement.
Lean Systems Lite (LSL) – a rapid approach to delivering operational excellence
Support for Lean implementation and transformation which is aligned with overall business strategies.
A range of development Programmes and Workshops.