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TEAL Consulting is delighted to have been selected as an approved supplier to Drone Major

Drone Major is the world’s first company to provide specialist services to buyers of drones and drone related equipment. This includes consultancy support for buyers to navigate the widening applications for drone technology, advising on what is possible, and supporting operational excellence.

Our approach is a truly holistic one – combining both hard and soft systems principles. The services we offer includes:

Operational Excellence including support for BS and ISO standards.

We believe that collaboration is the very key to success in guiding the development and integration of future innovation.
Our focus is on helping companies develop effective business relationships. We specialise in assisting varying organisations, partners or individuals to work collaboratively towards an innovative solution that benefits both the parties and the client. From rapid alignment of leadership to data driven decisions, TEAL takes a comprehensive approach to sustainable change.
We consider that there are a wealth of opportunities for business by developing collaborative approaches – to take advantage of the enormous benefits of co-creating and integrating solutions for future success.