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A Strategy for the Future

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A Strategy for the Future
Uncertainty has become the norm so we had better get comfortable with it – it is going to be with us for while. In the new environment, the new “business as unusual”, the only way we can be prepared is to have new questions:

What is the really differentiating vision?
What new capabilities do we need to survive?
What are the new competitive advantages?
How do we weigh risk and opportunity when the fundamentals of our business may change/have changed overnight?

We know it requires a lot of thinking – and hard work. The thinking part is hard work too. Imagining and planning the right course usually entails spending an unhealthy amount of time locked up with senior leaders strategising, brainstorming and planning endlessly. This is completely necessary. You have to make sure that you have really thought everything through – every single thing.

We have developed a structured approach which is customised to your requirements. What is important is about creating the time to think, collaborative discussion and decision making. And the opportunity for the team to share their thoughts, concerns, issues, aspirations and ideas.

The process starts with the exam question – with focus on what the outcome will look like. Having an opportunity to discover what could be achieved, what opportunities could be taken, and then make strategic choices on the direction and shape of the business which is aligned to customer value. Developing a strategy that’s deliverable with high level action plans.

So talk to us about how you can create a strategy which comes to life and if you want to use some established frameworks like Strategy Mapping and the Balanced Scorecard we can help with these too.

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