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From ‘How to Perform’ to ‘How to Succeed’

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From ‘How to Perform’ to ‘How to Succeed’
As Peter Drucker famously said “We are getting better and better at doing the wrong things.”

It could be argued that Systems Thinking is much more effective when released from any ‘baggage’ caused by expertise or strong opinion. The ability to remain completely impartial throughout an engagement adds an additional concept that is equally critical. We interact with clients to extract deep knowledge that is then woven within a structured and proven process to solve the causes not the effects of problems. We have realised just how critical a fully neutral approach is to achieving this result. We have to see beyond personal agendas and opinions, recognise realities and spot the hidden clues while remaining sensitive and attuned to your internal and external environment.

Want to learn more about Systems Thinking and organisational learning? See the links below for information on some System Thinking topics – What is a System? What is Systems Thinking? Organisational Learning, Causal Loops.

Our aim is to provide a short explanation of some of the language. We encourage you to use these links as a starting point for some exploration into the major principles and tools of Systems Thinking and organisational learning. Happy learning!

Systems Thinking can help:

Deepen, strengthen, and sharpen your skills for making systemic change.
Learn to leverage the complex structures that drive organisational behaviour.
Develop collective leadership skills to foster team learning, build shared vision, and create trust in working relationships.
Expand your understanding of organisational change and Systems Thinking.
Understand some of critical tools and methods to help you steer improvement and lasting change in your organisation.

Whether we help you get started, support implementation or guide you to getting your head around how Systems Thinking can benefit your organisation, please contact us.

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