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Transformational Change and Leadership

noun 1: an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed

Change has evolved from an infrequent, predictable activity to one that is constant and/or complex. The demands on organisations are constantly shifting, driven by user expectations, market demands, competitive pressures, and the necessity to reduce costs. While organisations have learned to cope with and to embrace continuous improvement to maintain their relevance and quality of service, the changes now facing them are more complex still. They will need different solutions and different thinking. Business needs to explore more transformational, adaptive approaches to change and prepare themselves for a new era.

To intervene in events is to change the event – and there are consequences. Lots of different dynamics at play, lots of different decisions that could be made – many of them with significant consequences. There are real people involved, real forces at work and any decision could cause unexpected consequences. To change anything is hard. We need to understand that we are all part of the way it works.

Whatever you decide, your capability in intervening to make change happen had better be good or it will do more harm than good. The framework you use to think needs to be the right one. You will be dealing with real human beings. Emotional, high energy, high maintenance assets. Their resistance to any change, to do things differently, is readily observable and fortunately so are the remedies.

Many Different Ways to Organise

So we work with clients to establish the necessary change architecture and team:

Create, communicate and engage people with a compelling story.
Involve the organisation in co-creating specific answers and solutions.
Change the systems, processes, organisation, roles, people, capability and culture.
Continue to celebrate successes and learn from failures.
Establish the necessary reinforcing mechanisms to sustain the change.

And then there is the Leadership Challenge.

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