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The Leadership Challenge

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The Leadership Challenge

Critical Issues in Leadership – find out more about our perspective on the critical issues to which leaders need to be attuned.

We know that the continued inspiration of the leadership is necessary. Inspire, motivate and have courage. A recognition of the achievability of the purpose. Tell people it is a long way off – don’t try to fool them. You will be found out. Simplicity in all interactions is required – but not simplistic! Keep it simple. Just engage and inform people if you can’t include them directly in the strategy or change thinking. Whatever you decide, your capability in intervening to make change happen had better be good or it will do more harm than good. The framework you use to think needs to be the right one. You will be dealing with real human beings. Emotional, high energy, high maintenance assets. Their resistance to any change, to do things differently, is readily observable and fortunately so are the remedies.

What do we need to pay attention to in order to be successful? The new fundamentals of leadership and management operate at two levels – individual and strategic:

Asking key questions.
Emergent thinking.
Encouraging dialogue.
Using relevant tools and techniques.
Inspiring innovation.
Identifying where the increased emphasis should be.

So we need conviction, role models, formal systems, the right skills. But is that enough? We need to encourage curiosity. Transformative change needs greater collaboration – and the development of active involvement of people. We help leaders achieve this level of change to enable them to understand the current and desired patterns of behaviour. We encourage leaders at all levels, from executives to the frontline, to be courageous in experimenting and delivering exceptional results. What the leader chooses to pay attention to, and when, will have a direct influence on their chances of success.

Our emphasis is on delivering sustained change through building deep levels of awareness, understanding, engagement and ownership at three levels:

Individual: Delivering rapid change in leadership behaviour.
Team: Delivering breakthrough team performance.
Organisation: Leading sustained organisational change.

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